Personalized Balancing Solutions

with Vibrational Dowsing


A Thought on Dowsing...

“The dowsing rod is a simple instrument which shows the uncanny reaction of the human nervous system to certain factors which are unknown to us 

at this time.”

~Albert Einstein~


"Everything is energy. Quantum physics has shown us that ultimately everything is light. Science has proven that all energy is interconnected; all life is in communion with and vibrating at levels that reflect the constant evolution toward higher levels of harmony and balance." 

~Slim Spurling~

Master Dowser 

What is vibrational dowsing?

     It is well-known in classical ancient healing traditions that the energy body sustains the physical body. Indeed, ancient cultures knew that the subtle energy body that feeds all living beings is vital to vibrant physical health. Today, modern medicine focuses solely on treating the physical body. Conversely, vibrational dowsing presents a unique energetic modality that can offer alternative perspectives while seeking solutions for wellness.

     By tuning into one’s energy field, a skilled vibrational dowser can determine what effects a source has on their overall energetic system. When a dowser connects to the vibrations within any part of the living body, it can be determined how any substance or vibration is affecting the energy of a living being. This occurs when the pendulum string length is stretched and tuned. Similar to an antenna picking up a specific channel or frequency, this skilled tuning of the pendulum string creates a personal wavelength that can be matched with any particular singular vibration. Holistic vibrational dowsing uses a variety of therapeutic pendulums to help one activate vibrant health in body, mind and spirit. 

     In contrast to mental dowsing, vibrational dowsing asks no mental questions. Instead, it uses the principle of resonance to determine specific qualities of energy. This technique allows for two types of holistic energetic evaluation, general effects on the whole energy system and targeted testing within specific energetic or body areas.

     Known historically as Physical Radiesthesia or Vibrational Radiesthesia, this vibrational healing science goes back to the Ancient Egyptian Esoteric Temple Sciences designed solely for Initiates. Today, we have the European Jesuit Orders of the Catholic Church to thank for collating this esoteric knowledge from Ancient Egypt and around the world. It was the Jesuits who embraced this knowledge and taught Catholic missionaries this skill in how to find potable water in their service to many stationed around the world.

     By the 1930’s, Physical Radiesthesia reached it’s pinnacle when French priests in France and Switzerland began publishing their works on these techniques. Unfortunately, with the onset of WWII, this knowledge was put aside.

     Today, organizations like the American Society of Dowsers (ASD) helps dowsers, like me, to be a part of a networked community to share and inform others about this unique art.

Visit the ASD to learn more about the history of dowsing

"In all things of Nature there is something of the marvelous." 



Mona Biondi~Holistic Dowser